Tableau Trainers

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Introduction to Tableau:

  • What is Tableau?
  • Features of Tableau 2019
  • Introduction to the various file types
  • Quick introduction to the user interface in Tableau
  • How to create data visualization using Tableau feature -Show Me
  • Reorder & remove visualization fields
  • How to sort & filter data
  • How to create a calculated field
  • Working with workbook data & worksheets
  • How to create a packaged workbook

Various Charts, Maps & Dashboards:

  • Creating various charts such as
    • Heat map
    • Box and Whisker plot
    • Bar Chart, Column Chart.
  • Time series charts
    • Time series hands-on
  • Bullet graphs
    • What are bullet graphs?
    • Bullet graphs hands-on
  • Scatter plot
    • What is scatter diagram?
    • Introduction to correlation analysis
    • Introduction to regression analysis
    • Scatter diagram hands-on
    • Pre-defined analytics
  • What are histograms?
    • Histogram hands-on
  • Maps in Tableau
    • Types of maps in Tableau
    • Maps hands-on
    • Polygon Maps
  • Dashboards Hands-On in Tableau
  • Creating dashboards & working with dashboard

Data Visualization Principles:

  • What is data visualization? Tufte’s Principles on visualization
  • Data Interpretation
  • Pivot Tables
  • Split Tables
  • Responsive Tool Tips
  • Radial & Lasso Selection
  • Right Click Filtering

Creating calculated fields

  • Logical functions
  • Case-if functions
  • ZN function
  • Else-if function
  • Ad-Hoc Calculations
  • Manipulating text-left and right functions

Time series, aggregation and filters

  • Working with time series
  • Understanding Aggregation, Granularity and level of details
  • Creating area chart and learning about highlighting
  • Adding quick filters

Joining and Data blending

  • Understand left, right, inner, outer joins
  • Joins with duplicate values
  • Join data vs Blending data in Tableau
  • Editing blending relation
  • Working with Groups
  • Creating dynamic sets
  • Combining sets
  • Publishing Dashboards to the server
  • Difference between Tableau online and Tableau server

Connecting to various data sources:

  • Connecting with WMS server
  • Adding Background Image
  • Creating Workbook Data Extract
  • Tools for sharing information
  • Publishing our Workbooks in Tableau Server
  • Connecting Tableau with Tableau Server

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